Conceived and fulfilled by artist Leah Waybright, Beauty Gone Wild is a series of twelve provocative musical voyages, exploring the emotional and spiritual bond between flowers and music. Take a little time to stroll through history. Your imagination will run wild as you uncover rare and ancient illustrated tales from all over the globe, which feature the origin of nature's most precious gift: the flower. Next, as in a dream, you turn the pages of the book and suddenly hear those provocative stories set to hauntingly delightful music. It isn't a dream, this is the magic of Beauty Gone Wild.

Leah has created a hard cover, museum-quality gift book, containing a breathtaking instrumental CD. The CD features guest appearances by musicians who have worked with everyone from Steely Dan and Spyro Gyra to Happy the Man. Leah's compositions highlight her impeccable classical training on piano. Leah happens to be a master mood-creator, always floating elegantly and effortlessly from movement to movement and song to song. Beauty Gone Wild is so unique, it makes the perfect gift item; a fully illustrated series of twelve musical and mystical interpretations, exploring the myth, magic and folklore of flowers.

Many of the legends come from other eras and from places all over the globe. Peter Limberg summed it up best by saying: "Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Hindus and ancient Chinese all appreciated flowers and put them into their legends, art and religion. Flowers have been used in sorcerer's spells and religious ceremonies. They have played a part in hundreds of myths and folktales. They have inspired poems and paintings. Flowers have been used for medicine, perfume, decoration and even food...."

Leah went on a mission to gather and compile a folklore collection. Leah is continually searching for bits of history steeped in passion, romance and mysticism about the origin and nature of flowers. As the romantic imagery unfolded before her very eyes, she felt inspired and compelled to compose lush, beautiful music; focusing on the dramatic content revealed in the stories. Some flowers may appear delicate and beautiful but render poisonous nectar, which can be highly toxic. Still others may bear nettles or thorns as a painful reminder of their tragic origins.

The music for Beauty Gone Wild is as captivating and mysterious as the animated nature of the flowers. In addition to composing and playing piano and keyboards, Leah also shared in the orchestration. When it came time to record the tunes for Beauty Gone Wild Leah recruited bassist/producer Rick Kennell, best known for his work with Happy the Man. Rick brought in ex-Happy the Man guitarist Stan Whitaker and drummer Ron Riddle. On wind controller, Gary Blu, who does the horn arrangements for the "live" version of Steely Dan was the man for the job. Rounding out the line-up is Gerardo Velez (Spyro Gyra/Joan Baez) on timbales and congas. The project was mixed at Bear Tracks in Suffern, New York by Doug Oberkircher. Doug is known for his gold and platinum mixes of Spyro Gyra and Dream Theater.



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